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Career Education Center
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Students in the majority of our classes will be placed with an on-the-job training site. Each student (with teacher assistance) will acquire a potential intern site for further training and supervised practical experience. During this phase of training, students will have an opportunity to apply skills they have learned in the classroom.

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Career Guidance

The Career Education Center-ROP (CEC-ROP), is committed to providing students with the skills necessary for successful employment. The Career Education Center is also committed to providing business and industry immediate access to a productive pool of skilled employees. Students in the CEC-ROP program are taught by industry-experienced credentialed teachers.

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About Us

The Career Education Center (CEC) is at the forefront of Career Technical Education in the State of California. We provide the highest quality of training with state of the art equipment and facilities. Our commitment is to provide students with entrepreneurial skills and the ability to compete in a global market.

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Career Education

Happy person California continues to seek opportunities for all students to emerge from school ready to pursue their career and college goals. To that end, a group of respected educators was convened to collaborate with staff members from the California Department of Education (CDE) on A Blueprint for Great Schools, a plan that would guide the work of the CDE. The plan states, “Our goals are fitting for the most prosperous state in the wealthiest nation in the world.” One goal is particularly significant for the newly revised California Career Technical Education (CTE) Model Curriculum Standards: “We seek the day when every enterprise in California—public and private—has access to a pool of talent that both attracts the world’s leading businesses and hastens the development and success of new ones, creating opportunities for all.”

In addition to A Blueprint for Great Schools and its goals, an implementation strategy called the California Career Readiness Initiative was put into place. Objective 9 of the Career Readiness Initiative was to “Revise and disseminate CTE Standards aligned with the Common Core: CDE will work with stakeholders in developing the revised standards and present them to the State Board of Education.” This directive has been fulfilled with the completion of the new CTE standards. More than 1,000 stakeholders from business, industry, and both postsecondary and secondary education provided input to ensure the updated, research-based CTE standards would be world-class; meet the demands of the twenty-first-century workplace; help students make a smooth transition into colleges and universities; and prepare graduates to successfully compete in the global community.

Organized into California’s 15 high-employing industry sectors, the CTE standards are designed to assist schools in developing curriculum and measuring student achievement. Each standard is aligned with one or more Common Core English language arts and mathematics standards, Next Generation Science Core Ideas, and history/social studies standards. This alignment identification will give teachers guidance for integrating instruction, adding application and performance to academic content, engaging more students, and improving outcomes.

California is well known as a leader in the design, development, and implementation of high-quality standards. The new CTE standards continue the state’s reputation for cutting-edge work. The standards are important for students, for the economy, and for the overall future of the state. They represent a level of excellence that will serve our students well, helping to prepare them for the successful future they should anticipate.